Office located at 118/9 M.2 T.Pabong, A.Sarapee, Chiangmai. Which is characteristics of Products and Services as follows:

1. Sales or Rentals automatic dishwasher , glasswasher.

2. Selling dishwashing liquid, Specification standards of Food and Drug Administration. And sells accessories for dishwasher.

3. Provide checking and repair services for all brands dishwashers. Exchange the old machine.

We are the first company that business sales and rentals automatic dishwasher in the Northern.
Experience of over 20 years of operations in the dishwasher.
We have been committed and be dedicated for the standards of services. To the satisfaction of our customers.
At present, we have more than 250 customers use our services in the Upper North.
Our customers group is a group of institutions, industry, food center and restaurant.

Dishwasher. Dishwasher. In addition to the container clean. Users also get the convenience and hygiene rules in the nutrition standards of the Ministry of Public Health.

The container through the washing machine. they will be washed and disinfected with dishwashing liquid and hot water at a temperature of 85 degrees celsius, and they are dry within one minute that you do not waste time to wipe the plate. To minimize contamination of them. It ensures that the containers are safe for consumers In the year 2012, we have a Green Business policy is a part of the protection of environment. And one of the projects related to the above policy is that "Buy the used chemicals tanks" in order to recycle and reduce waste, at present, such policies still continue and get the participation of all customers as well.

In 2013, We have invented a dishwasher that reduces energy and environment (ECO SMART SET) continues the policy to protect the environment.

We will not stop, but continued to develop products and services that are part of the protection environment, coupled with the growth of the company.